Oh, Darling.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Questions, Answers, Part One.

Why do you blog?
I just love doing it.
When did you start blogging?
A very short time ago, actually.
Do you know many people with a blog personally?
Not that  know of, no/
Do you yourself read any blogs?
Yes, lots of blogs!
which are your 3 favorite blogs?
That's too hard to choose, just three! hahaha.
Do you spend alot of time on the internet?
Yeah, usually I do.
What websites do you visit most?
weheartit, i guess. :)
Do you have a sister or a brother?
I have an older brother. :)
Do you have a boyfriend?
Would you like to have a boyfriend or are you a lucky single girl?
At the moment, I'm happy being single.
Are you in love?
You have a dog? Is it he or she?
I have Rocky, Molly, and Bronte. :)
How do you study or learn? Do you like to write lots of notes out or type them out etc. Do you have a special way of remembering things?
Actually writing, helps me a lot in remembering things, that  need to.
What job do you want to do later?
Something in travel, with culture and art. :) Perfect. :)
If you could work for any magazine, which one would you choose?
Hmm, I'm not quite sure.
Would you like to be famous?
I don't know??
Why can you speak German?
I used to know some.
Part Two Coming Up. :) :)

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