Oh, Darling.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Questions, Answers, Part Two.

What trend are you loving for summer?
Floral, and comfortable, but yet stylish. Swimmers, white, and 50's style swimmers are also looking pretty good :) haha :)
Where do you get inspration from?
I think I get it (unconsciously) everywhere all the time: streets, magazines, blogs, TV etc.
Who is your big fashion inspiration?
I'm not sure. The same answer as before, I guess??
What is your favourite store?
Too many.
How often do you go shopping?
It's so hard not to spend money, especially with all of these wonderful summer clothes and christmas presents to be given, this tome of festive season. :) :)
Where you bought your rings?
I LOVE rings! I get them from everywhere :) :D
What jewellery do you prefer to wear?
Rings And Earrings.
Do you have any piercings?
Just my earrings.
Do you like flats more than heels?
I usually wear flats.
which size do you wear?
5 -6, very rarely a seven, dpending on how they want to fit, or what type of shoe, and shoe fit that the shoes are, I guess.
How would you describe your style
Simple, and minimalistic. Sometimes a little boyish, or kinda girly.
Which online shop do you prefer ?
I'm not sure??
How much money do you spend on fashion/beauty during the month?
I have no idea. I always buy different things.


Do you do all your beauty yourself or do you go to a beautician, for example to get your eyebrows shaped?
I do my own makeup/
Do you like to do you own home facemasks, pedicures...?
I love facemasks, when my skin is feeling bad.
What are you make up essentials?
Foundation. Sometimes Concealer. Mascara, An I Think That's It.
If you had one makeup item and one body item what would you only use?
Mascara and some good smelling body lotion.
How many nail polishes do u have?
I hardly ever wear nail polish.
Do you take any vitamins or anything to keep your hair and skin beautiful?
Do you use straighting iron? Curling tong? Or do you just hair dry?
Sometimes I like to use a straightening iron, just to take down the frizz. But I have naturally straight hair, so if it wasn't frizzy, then there'd be no real need to use the straightening iron.
How often do you wash your hair?
How long did you wait until your hair was so long?
I love my hair long! My hair's nearly down to my butt now! hahaha
Are you growing your hair long or think about changing your haircut?
My hair has been long as long as I can remember, I'm so used to it that I don't think I'll ever have the courage to change my haircut to a short haircut.
Do you have hair extensions?
No. I've never had the need to have them.
How often are you going to a hairdresser?
Maybe once or twice a year. Or three times, it all depends.
If you must choose the prettiest actress, who will win?
I love Michelle Williams.
Do you like Keira Knightley?
Yes, I Do! She's absolutely beautiful and absolutely talented!
Do you like Audrey Hepburn ?
which 'character' of the hills do you love most?
Hmm, Maybe Whitney??
Do you like LC's or Olivia Palermo's style?
What do u think abt Kim Kardashian? Do u like her and her style?
Hmm, I'm not sure??
Do you like "skins"?
I LOVE SKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Food, exercise & weight

Favorite food?
A lot of foods.
what are your favorite chocolates?
I love all chocolates.
Your favorite thing from McDonalds?
McDonald's is so good.
What is your favourite flavor of tea?
I like normal tea. But I'm still to find the person to make my tea, exactly how I like it. haha.
What did u eat today?
Coco Pops for breakfast, a bacon, cheese and beef pie for lunch, with a coffee, then various snacks after work. not sure what to eat for tea tonight.
What is your favourite sport?
Soccer, running / mostly sprinting. And A lot more.

Room & Interior design stuff

What inspiration did you use when you decorated your room?
All white rooms.
do you often clean your room?
Ah, it can vary..hahaha
Where is your closet in your room?
Near my desk and a window.

What race of your dog do you have?
Boxer, Maltese X Shih - Tzu, And A Bitza.
Do you like horror films?
How many close friends do you have that you can always talk to and do things with?
My bestfriend. I love my bestfriend.
What are your favorite way to spend cozy evenings?
Computer, Tv, Movies, Food / Drink.
What is your ideal temperature?
Comfortable Warmth, Kinda Sunny, But Can't See The Sun, So It Doesn't Get Too Hot.
When do you normally wake up?
Varies, from 7:30 - Ish.
What do you do first thing in the morning?
Wash My Face.
Does it take you long to get ready in the morning?
It Depends.
What is the brand of your phone?
LG?? Maybe??

All Done. Enjoy. :) :) :) :) :D :D :D :D :) :) :) :) :D :D :D :D

Questions, Answers, Part One.

Why do you blog?
I just love doing it.
When did you start blogging?
A very short time ago, actually.
Do you know many people with a blog personally?
Not that  know of, no/
Do you yourself read any blogs?
Yes, lots of blogs!
which are your 3 favorite blogs?
That's too hard to choose, just three! hahaha.
Do you spend alot of time on the internet?
Yeah, usually I do.
What websites do you visit most?
weheartit, i guess. :)
Do you have a sister or a brother?
I have an older brother. :)
Do you have a boyfriend?
Would you like to have a boyfriend or are you a lucky single girl?
At the moment, I'm happy being single.
Are you in love?
You have a dog? Is it he or she?
I have Rocky, Molly, and Bronte. :)
How do you study or learn? Do you like to write lots of notes out or type them out etc. Do you have a special way of remembering things?
Actually writing, helps me a lot in remembering things, that  need to.
What job do you want to do later?
Something in travel, with culture and art. :) Perfect. :)
If you could work for any magazine, which one would you choose?
Hmm, I'm not quite sure.
Would you like to be famous?
I don't know??
Why can you speak German?
I used to know some.
Part Two Coming Up. :) :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The White Queen. -Philippa Gregory.

I started to read a new book last night. The White Queen. -Philippa Gregory. And if I may say so myself, it is really quite amazing. Very researched and vivid, this book will be great for all lovers of historic fiction. A new list to my favourites? I think so.
This is the first thing that I read inside The White Queen:

"In the darkness of the forest the young knight could hear the splashing of the fountain long before he could see the glimmer of moonlight reflected on the still surface. He was about to step forward, longing to dip his head, drink in the coolness, when he caught his breath at the sight of something dark, moving deep in the water. There was a greenish shadow in the sunken bowl of the fountain, something like a great fish, something like a drowned body. Then it moved and stood upright and he saw, frighteningly naked: a bathing woman. Her skin as she rose up, water coursing down her flanks, was even paler than the white marble bowl, her wet hair dark as a shadow.

She is Melusina, the water goddess, and she is found in the hidden springs and waterfalls on any forest in Chritendom, even in those as far away as Greece. She bathes in the Moorish fountains too. They know her by another name in the northern countries where the lakes are glazed with ice and it crackles when she rises. S man may love her if he keeps her secret and lets her alone when she wants to bathe, and she may love him in return until he breaks his word, as men always do, and she sweeps him into the deeps with her fishy tail, and turns his faithless blood to water.

The tragedy of Melusina, whatever language tells it, whatever tune it sings, is that a man will always promise more than he can do to a woman he cannot understand."

 I strongly suggest buying this book. You will love it. And I cannot wait to read more of it later tonight. Philippa Gregory, you legend.